Systems Forward Technology Offers

Electronic Pressure/Vacuum Decay Leak Testers

  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay method is default
  • Can be equipped for Differential Decay, Occlusion and Chamber decay/increase testing.
  • Can test up to 8 parts at one time (8 Test Channels).
  • Can quantify leak rate in straight pressure/vacuum decay or in cc/min.
  • Complete tooling capability. All tooling fabricated at FTI.
  • PLC Based system offers almost limitless expansion capabilities

Electronic Fluid (Water) Burst Testers

  • Ramp to Burst method is default
  • Can perform user-programmed cyclic tests
  • Stores digital readout of burst pressure
  • Housed in Heavy Duty Stainless enclosure
  • Test pressures up to 1500 PSI