Patent Information For Advanced 2-Pole Digital Servo Drive Vibration System

United States Patent: 6,824,040
November 30th, 2004


The method of controlling a linear vibration welding apparatus, in accordance with the invention, may comprise the steps of: fastening a first workpiece portion in a fixed position; fastening a second workpiece portion to a reciprocating member; energizing a first single winding magnet with direct current power to create a magnetic field; sensing a location of the reciprocating member with respect to a zero point; and energizing a second magnet when the reciprocating member has crossed the zero point when moving towards the first magnet. The linear vibration welding apparatus in accordance with the invention may comprise: a frame; a flexure array; a first magnet assembly; a second magnet assembly; a digital controller; and direct current amplifiers for powering the magnet assemblies.