Digital (Servo-Drive) Linear Vibration Welder

The DLVW-4848 is a hydraulic motion controlled digital (servo-electric) drive linear vibration welder capable of welding parts up to 48" x 48" (1219 mm x 1219 mm) or multiple smaller parts.

The patented 2-pole digital (servo) drive technology allows vastly improved process control while substantially increasing the available power. This technology offers improvements in overall efficiency (significant power increase), capability (amplitude/process control), and productivity (application benefits) beyond any vibration welding design currently on the market.

Optional Features.

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Standard Features

Patented High Output 2-Pole Digital (Servo) Electromagnetic Drive System allows higher efficiency and a significant increase in weldable area over industry standard 3-Pole systems.  Can drive larger/heavier tools with a lower power demand.

Up to 200 sq in (1290 sq cm) Weldable Surface Area (Polyproplyene) the most powerful welder in its class.

0-350 lb (0-158kg) Upper Tool Weight capability makes this welder able to drive the heaviest production tools.

Patented Position-Based Amplitude Control Network allows ramp up to full amplitude in as little as 0.04 seconds. Amplitude adjustment from 0.040 - 0.070in (1.02 - 1.78mm) peak-to-peak in increments of 0.001in.  Over-Travel Protection that guards the machine from potentially damaging operation.  X-Axis and Y-Axis (vibration direction and perpendicular to vibration direction) repeatability of < +/-0.001in.

Continuous Tuning by Closed-Loop Digital Control eliminates the need for a separate auto-tuning step during setup and assures that the machine operates at peak performance throughout the weld cycle.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with PanelView Plus 7 - 1000 Color 10.4in Touch-Screen Graphical Display simplifies parameter input and allows the following to be displayed:

  • Graphic Display of Frequency/Collapse Distance/Absolute Distance/Amplitude vs. Time
  • Reduced Number of Setup Screens
  • Weld Program/Setup #
  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Contact Time and Force
  • Weld Steps 1 through 8 (Time, Amplitude, Force, Collapse & Absolute Distance)
  • Cooling Time and Force

25 Weld Program/Setup Memory allows storage for instant recall, minimizing tool change time.

Process Verification Windows (pass/fail) compare and alarm the user when actual parameters are outside customer programmed minimums & maximums.

Multi-Level Passcode Protection limits parameter adjustment to qualified personnel only.

External 120VAC Duplex Electrical Outlet allows user to easily connect small auxiliary equipment such as computers, printers, radios, etc.

Enhanced De-Coupled Sound Enclosure for maximum noise reduction (<80 dBA).  Enclosure is completely de-coupled from the equipment frame to isolate noise from the swing frame.

Zero-Force Opti-Touch Cycle Start Switches minimize operator fatigue.

Four Valve Lower Tooling Actuation Pneumatic Valve Pack allows user to program additional pneumatic motion on lower tooling such as part clamping or part eject. 

Upper Tooling Vacuum System designed to secure even the largest parts within the tooling.  Venturi-vacuum system with integral filter which is easily serviced.

Sequence of Operation

  • 1.Operator loads part halves into holding fixture(s).
  • 2.Operator initiates cycle activation switches.
  • 3.Safety door closes.
  • 4.Lift table rises, applying pressure between the two part halves.
  • 5.Vibration begins, melting the joint area between the two halves.
  • 6.Vibration stops when user programmed target Time (or optional Collapse Distance/Absolute Distance) is reached.
  • 7.Parts are held together under pressure to allow them to re-solidfy.
  • 8.Lift table lowers, carrying part(s) in lower fixture(s).
  • 9.Safety door opens.
  • 10.Operator unloads part(s) from lower fixture(s).