Ultrasonic Welders

Ultrasonic welding remains one of the fastest and most cost effective techniques for welding smaller thermoplastic parts.  Using ultrasonic welding, one part is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part is vibrated acoustically against it under pressure, creating frictional heat at their joining surfaces.  Forward Technology, a Crest Group Company, can design custom ultrasonic tooling for any application to install and operate in any type of Ultrasonic Welding Machine.

With over twenty-five years of experience in ultrasonic welding processes, our tooling engineers possess unmatched skill and experience to develop even the most complex ultrasonic tooling and part holding fixtures.

ultrasonic weld

Ultrasonic Welding Systems

At our facility in Cokato, Minnesota, we have a wide array of ultrasonic welding machines in our lab for prototyping and demonstration of production ultrasonic tooling. We can adapt ultrasonic tooling to fit nearly any manufacturer’s welding equipment. 

Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Systems

As part of the Crest Group, our partners include Rinco Ultrasonics-USA in Danbury, CT www.rinco-usa.com -- a world renowned Swiss manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machines.  Using Rinco Ultrasonic Welding technology, Forward Technology engineers can design stand-alone or automated custom ultrasonic welding systems to increase through put and perform secondary assembly functions like leak testing & park marking.

Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Systems

Mecasonic Ultrasonic Welding Systems

Another partner of Forward Technology is Mecasonic, a world renowned manufacturer of ultrasonic machines and components based in France. Similar to Rinco products, Forward’s knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers can incorporate these Mecasonic welders and components into anything from simple benchtop systems to fully automated continual welding systems. A full tooling department gives us the flexibility to design, build, and prototype all ultrasonic horns and part fixturing in our Cokato facility.