Electronically Controlled Hydraulic Burst Testing System

The EH-BT is an electronically controlled, self contained hydraulic (glycol/water) based burst testing system designed for sample testing applications requiring the highest degree of precision. We offer testers capable of testing fluid pressures up to 750 PSI or 1500 PSI.

The system allows user programmed pressures, ramp rates, and pass/fail limits adjustable digitally in 1.0 PSI increments and has the built-in capacity for cyclical testing if desired.

Optional Features.

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Standard Features

Electronic Programming & Control allows user precise and consistent control of ramp-up pressure and speed for burst, as well as parameters for cyclic testing if desired.

PLC Programmable Controller with Color Touch Screen HMI simplifies parameter input and allows the following to be displayed and programmed digitally:

Displays Actual:

  • Fill Time
  • Burst Time
  • Current PSI
  • Burst PSI of Event
  • Cycle Number

Allows Programming of the following Variables:

  • Fill Time
  • Max Burst PSI
  • Max Burst Time
  • PSI Drop (for Burst Event)
  • PSI / Min (Ramp Rate)
  • Number of Repeat Cycles (Cyclical Test Mode)
  • Hold Pressure Time (Static Testing)

Multi-Level Passcode Protection limits parameter adjustment to qualified personnel only.

0 - 750 or 0 - 1500 PSI Electronic Pressure Transducer allows burst testing of a wide range of products.

Pressure Control via Electronic Proportional Regulator allows user to digitally program pressure settings in passcode protected memory. Digital controls improves test accuracy and repeatability.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Enclosure with Lexan Viewing Window provides maximum personnel protection while allowing user to safely view the test part while pressurized.

Compact Design with Self-Contained Liquid System minimizes floor space. Filtered re-circulatory operation eliminates need to connect system to an external fluid/water supply.

Safety Interlock Switch and Captured Lock on Hinged Access Door prevents opening of enclosure while test part is under pressure.

Heavy-Duty Locking Casters allow relocation of the equipment with minimal machanized assistance.

Sequence of Operation

  • 1.Operator loads one part into part chamber.
  • 2.Operator manually installs seals/plugs into openings in the test part.
  • 3.Operator closes safety cover.
  • 4.Safety cover locks.
  • 5.Operator actuates cycle activation switch.
  • 6.Part is filled with glycol/water mixture, with an appropriate Fill Time to purge all air from the test part.
  • 7.Test part is tested in accordance with programming (i.e.: Burst or Cyclic Test).
  • 8.Test part ruptures or otherwise satisfies test requirements based on user programmed limits.
  • 9.Pressure is released from test part.
  • 10.Operator actuates flashing green cycle activation switch and safety cover unlocks.
  • 11.Operator removes seals/plugs and connection lines from test part.
  • 12.Operator drains residual fluid from test part and removes from test chamber.