Heavy Duty 2-Axis Servo Electric Orientation Spin Welder

When compared to other orientating or non-orientating models, the HD2X-OSW™ Dual Servo System:

  • Permits precise orientation/alignment of part halves relative to one another (+/- 0.1°).
  • Allows precise control of welding depth (collapse or absolute distance) with an accuracy of (+/- 0.002”).
  • Enables synchronization of vertical and rotational movement to optimize weld process.
  • Provides capability of welding larger parts with more difficult to weld materials (with optional precision gear reducer).
  • Is easier to automate as the spin drivers’ rotational & vertical position may be precisely programmed between welding cycles, decreasing cycle time and allowing automated loading of the upper part half into the spin driver.

Standard Features

Rigid Vertical Chassis features rack & pinion precision movements that are superior in accuracy, longevity, & durability to ball screw systems and provides a high degree of consistent and repeatable vertical accuracy.

Modular HMI Controller may be ergonomically positioned or located to a user preferred position.

Servo-Electric Rotational Drive/Amp (1.75kW) (0-3,500 RPM) Motor provides ample torque and precise rotational positioning.

Servo-Electric Vertical Drive delivers up to 600 lbs (2600 N) of force with high degree of finished part tolerance.

Allen Bradley Color Touch-Screen User Interface with Integral Programmable
Operator Control Station
simplifies parameter input and allows the following to be
• Final Collapse Distance & Absolute Distance
• Vertical Final Height Position / Rotational Final Orientation Position
• Resettable Parts Counter / Total Machine Cycle Counter
• Total Weld Cycle Time
• Input / Output Status
• Graphical Trending of Weld Process Parameters
• Weld Data Logging / Parameter Settings Audit Trail

Vertical Servo Encoder allows welding by Collapse and Absolute Distance and alarm monitoring of these critical process values.

Weld by Revolutions (Orientation), Collapse Distance, or Absolute Height with
or without Orientation
which gives the user enhanced control for applications
requiring a precise welding process and high quality finish.

Collapse/Absolute Distance Pass/Fail Windows allow the user to set min/max alarm limits for quality control purposes.

Programmable Vertical Head Position, Velocity, & Force Control allow user to
utilize multiple individual settings for initial head clearance or Home, head down &
part contact positions, contact force, weld force and cooling force as well as extend/retract velocity, all passcode protected in the appropriate tool recipe memory.
Programmable retract stroke helps reduce cycle time or provides maximum clearance for part loading/unloading as well as allowing welding deep within other components.

24” (610mm) Stroke Rack & Pinion design ensures a high degree of linear
accuracy, dimensional consistency, and durability.

Spin Initiation (Trigger) by Height w/ Programmed Delay-Time simplifies weld
process set-up. Head-Down set-up step is used to “teach” system target part height
and retains learned height setting in tool recipe memory.

Vacuum Capable Drive Spindle for vacuum part retention of part in driver.

Multi-Level Login I.D. Passcode Protection limits parameter adjustment to
qualified personnel only.

50 Weld Program/Setup Memory allows storage for instant recall, minimizing tool change time.

Zero Force Cycle Activation Switches reduce operator fatigue.

Built-In User Inputs/Outputs (16/16) provide ample spare I/O for part clamping,
vacuum system, or part presence sensors.

External Start/Stop Command Functions for use by customer’s host PLC if used in automation.