20kHz or 30kHz Ultrasonic Welder

The MCA Ultrasonic Welder is a highly versatile system system specifically for welding smaller thermoplastic parts.

The ideal basic machine; robust construction, precise controls, reliable operation and modular configuration are the basic advantages of MCA model.

The design of the MCA allows its easy integration into an automated production line.  If offers a complete communication system through an integrated programmable controller, allowing it to be connected to a multitude of external devices.

Additional features include:

  • A rigid rectangular column ensures a parallel adjustment of the welding head.
  • Fast exchange of the acoustic stack ensures correct repositioning on the X.Y.Z. axes.
  • Controlled head down stroke.
  • Auto-learning function automatically sets up the initial welding parameters by sensing the position of the part to be welded.
  • Auto tuning of the ultrasonic generator with power and frequency indicator bargraphs.