20kHz or 30kHz Ultrasonic Welder

The MCS Ultrasonic Welder is a highly versatile system specifically for welding smaller thermoplastic parts.

The design of the MCS model, particularly its variable amplitude function, allows performance and applications which were, until now, only possible with top of the line equipment.

Through the exclusive RWS (Reactive Weld System) mode, the machine is equipped with advanced features including control of part quality through four parameters displayed after each welding cycle (time, power, energy, absolute distance).

The design of the MCS allows its easy integration into an automated production line.  It offers a complete communication system through an integrated programmable controller, allowing it to be connected to a multitude of external devices.

Furthermore, the machine provides an extension to the feasibility limits of ultrasonic welding by use of the following features:

  • Exceptional programming flexibility based on the application to be welded.
  • Welding head downspeed control.
  • Multiple methods of ultrasound triggering.
  • Three modes of amplitude variation, adjustable depending on the application and the type of thermoplastic.
  • Four welding modes: time, energy, collapse distance, absolute distance with or without RWS (Reactive Weld System) mode.