20kHz or 30kHz Ultrasonic Welder

The MCX Ultrasonic Welder is a highly versatile system specifically for welding smaller thermoplastic parts.

Created to achieve optimal control of the final product quality, the "Energy profile" function is integrated into the MCX model. The MCX possesses all the features of the MCA and MCS models but with the added benefit of enhanced weld data analysis, control and management.

The design of the MCX allows its easy integration into an automated production line. It offers a complete communication system through an integrated programmable controller, allowing it to be connected to a multitude of external devices.

Features include:

  • Easy programming thanks to a multi menu system initiated by rotating a button.
  • Display of power and travel curves memorized during the welding cycle onto a large graphic back-lighted LCD indicator.
  • Control of the coupling pressure of the horn/locked part for each program triggered by a proportional valve.
  • Storage of 20 welding programs with all parameters on instant recall ( unlimited storage with the PC connection ).
  • Four welding modes: time, energy, collapse distance, absolute distance with or without RWS (Reactive Weld SYstem) mode.