Vertical Servo Infrared Welder

The VSIR-1445 is a vertical infrared platen orientation, servo-electric motion controlled infrared welding system capable of unparalleled control and ultra-precise welding of parts up to 14" x 45" (356mm x 1143mm) or multiple smaller parts. Customized variants of this model are available.

The vertical servo systems twin motion (left and right) tool mounting jaws allow independent control of weld (seal), collapse/absolute distance, time, force, & speed on each part half. Typical hard-stops found in use on most systems are eliminated.

When compared to horizontal platen systems, vertical systems typically:

  • Reduce risk of molten material possibly dripping onto the infrared platen during the melt step (resulting in premature emitter failure).
  • Allow faster tooling changeovers.
  • Allow easier and more positive operator loading and unloading of the tooling.
  • Ensure more precise part half alignment during welding (less scrap) as no special part-part alignment features must be designed in the parts themselves (required for accurate machine pick-up of one part half on horizontal systems).

Optional Features.

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Standard Features

Ultra-Rigid Stopless Construction utilizing a tubular steel framework and linear guide shafts & bearings with a Rack/Pinion alignment mechanism designed for extremely precise tool repeatability without measureable deflection through decades of use. The infrared platen carriage assembly is completely rigid to allow precise control of the distance between the infrared energy source and the parts to be welded.

100% Servo-Electric Motion Control enables unsurpassed weld repeatability, improved process control, and optimal motion control by allowing user to program precise tool mounting jaw positions, speeds, and forces without need for mechanical hardstops within the tooling. Advantages:

  • Weld (Seal) steps by Time, Collapse, or Absolute Distance (in 0.001 inch increments).
  • Faster Transition Times (from Melt to Weld Steps) for stronger bonds.
  • Soft-Touch Contact of Part Halves to each other during the Weld (Seal) step.

Digital Dual IR Controllers provide (4 + 4) Eight Zone Infrared Intensity Control via PLC/HMI with Emitter Burnout Alarm and Digital Incoming Line Voltage Monitoring with settable Alarm Limits. Alarms prevent operation of equipment in the event of emitter failure of if plant voltage rises/sags outside of user-defined limits (affecting actual infrared energy output).

Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with PanelView Plus 7 - 1000 Color 10.4in Touch-Screen Graphical Display simplifies parameter input and allows the following to be displayed:

  • Individual Tool Mounting Jaw Weld (Seal), Collapse/Absolute Distance, Time, Force, & Speed Settings
  • Infrared Platen Assembly Position & Speed Settings
  • 5 Digital Infrared Energy Control Steps (10% - 100%)
  • Process Verification (Pass/Fail) Windows on: Melt & Seal - Time, Collapse Distance, Absolute Distance; Open Time
  • Machine Alarms & Diagnostics
  • PLC Input/Output Status
  • Detailed Help Menus
  • Ethernet Connectivity

Pendant Arm Mounted User Interface allows easy repositioning of interface panel to optimal location based on preference of user.

Multi-Level Passcode Protection limits parameter adjustment to qualified personnel only.

25 Weld Program/Setup Memory allows storage for instant recall, minimizing tool change time.

External Ethernet Communication Port and 120VAC Outlet allows bi-directional communication for interfacing between customer computer and PLC as well as detailed data output. Single 120VAC outlet allows user to easily connect small auxiliary equipment such as computers, printers, radios, etc.

Dual Venturi 25.0 in/Hg (63.5cm/Hg) Vacuum Pump System designed to secure even the largest parts within the tooling.

Pneumatic Power Sliding Door with Zero Force Cycle Activation Switch and Door Safety Tapeswitch provides optimum personnel protection while reducing operator fatigue.

Hinged Access Panels with Safety Interlock Switches allow extensive access while providing maximum personnel protection.

Vent Hood with Exhaust Fan evacuates airborne smoke from the operator location.

Sequence of Operation

  • 1.Operator loads part halves into holding fixtures.
  • 2.Operator initiates cycle activation switch.
  • 3.Safety door closes.
  • 4.Part halves are automatically held with vacuum or mechanical grippers.
  • 5.Infrared platen advances between part halves.
  • 6.Holding fixtures close to precise user programmed proximity from infrared platen to maintain spacing between the parts and the infrared platen without actual contact.
  • 7.Infrared platen energizes, heating joint areas of part halves.
  • 8.Infrared platen de-energizes and holding fixtures retract away from infrared platen.
  • 9.Infrared platen retracts.
  • 10.Holding fixtures apply part halves together, welding parts together.
  • 11.One holding fixture releases its clamping mechanism.
  • 12.Holding fixtures open, retaining welded part(s) in one fixture.
  • 13.Safety door opens.
  • 14.Operator unloads welded part(s).