Vibration Weld Tooling

Advantages of Forward Technology Vibration Tooling:

  • Over 95% of all tooling is designed and manufactured for your application by our in-house Tooling Design and Fabrication department in Cokato, MN.
  • This in-house capability insures optimal quality and scheduling control as well as reducing time requirements in the event of product design changes.  
  • No charge/obligation complete application review and joint design assistance.
  • Full prototyping capability.
  • All tools are designed for ease of maintenance, adjustment, and maximum life.
  • Tools provide support and location of joint area as well as accurate alignment throughout the welding process.
  • Virtually every tool is thoroughly tested and debugged at our facility on equipment in our laboratory.
  • Tools can be designed for use with Forward Technology or competitor's welders.
  • Full start-up service/support at your facility is available.

Standard Vibration Tooling:

  • Precision CNC cut holding fixtures supports joint area of each part half.
  • Holding fixtures can be split if necessary to accommodate part-to-part variations or for welding warm/hot parts.
  • Hardened steel knurled gripping sections.
  • Steel, aluminum, titanium materials used for maximum rigidity.
  • Lightweight aluminum backing plates
  • Locator stop-posts to reduce tooling change-over time and prevent tooling crashes (in the event operator cycles without parts).
  • Heavy-duty slides for support & part retention in areas where clearance is needed for loading & unloading on lower tooling.
  • Custom slides for inspections & part detection.

Cast Urethane Vibration Tooling:

  • The holding fixture foundation is a ¼” to 3/8” CNC cut aluminum translation of the actual part based on CAD data.  
  • A production quality part is then placed into the CNC machined aluminum holding fixture (spaced ¼ to 3/8” from the part).
  • Urethane skin is poured to the contour of the part.
  • Cast Urethane will protect and locate Class-A surfaces.

Vibration Tooling Options:

  • Part Presence Sensors verify part presence/position prior to allowing machine to cycle.
  • Part Eject eases removal of welded parts from tooling.
  • Anti-Static Guns remove static buildup from parts.
  • Vacuum Cleaning reduces amount of particulate around the welded parts.
  • Quick Change System for customers using multiple tools in one machine.