Automated Assembly Systems and Robotic Integration in the manufacturing industry greatly increases efficiency and quality in production.  Automating production processes increases the volume of production output.  While use of an automated system does not in and of itself eliminate the need for human involvement in the manufacturing process, it does free up operators to put their skills to use in other areas where they are better utilized.

Forward Technology has been a leader in the plastic bonding industry for over 40 years.  We have assisted many customers in the design, manufacture, and implementation of automated systems for a wide variety of applications. Through this process, our controls engineering team have become experts with Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa, and other robotic brands.  Our design teams consist of the industry’s very best mechanical and electrical engineers in the plastic bonding industry.   With your vision, our experience and expertise in the design of automated systems, and high performance robotics, getting your product out into the market will be done quickly and efficiently.

Our Customer Service Department is made up of highly qualified technicians who will provide support from installation to operation and beyond.  At Forward Technology we understand that the responsibility to our customers is more than just selling quality equipment; it is going beyond the sale to provide unsurpassed service and support to maintain optimum productivity.