Forward Technology is a world class manufacturer that designs and manufactures one of the widest available selections of standard and customized Plastic Assembly and Testing systems especially suited to thermoplastic parts.

Forward Technology is located in Cokato, Minnesota and we are a proud member of The Crest Group Company - a multinational corporation comprised of twelve companies who share ideas and technological developments to enhance and expand the capabilities of The Crest Group Company. 

Forward Technology manufactures equipment for Hot Plate Welding, Vibration Welding, Infrared Welding, Spin Welding, Ultrasonic Welding as well as Burst Testing and Custom Leak Testing systems. Using our core technologies and incorporating those into automated systems including the utilization of robotics helps meet the client’s specific production requirements in the 21st Century.

Forward Technology is a part of The Crest Group

As a part of The Crest Group, Forward Technology is part of a group of companies that have an incredible wealth of talent, technologies, and solutions to share with one another. Partnering with our sister companies allows us all to support one another around the world in projects and post-sale services. We work together to develop world class solutions to customers around the world. Each company brings a unique product and skillset to the group, allowing each to leverage the others to provide world class products and service.

Forward Technology partners with each of the core plastic welding solution providers in The Crest Group: KLN Ultrashall, Rinco Ultrasonics, and Mecasonic on custom plastic welding projects. We share techniques, designs, and components to ensure that our customers have the precise solution that they need. With Rinco and Mecasonic producing world class ultrasonic components, Forward Technology will integrate these high quality components into automated systems that allow for increased throughput and reduced operator interaction. Being a one-stop-shop, with no integrator, gives customers peace of mind during the custom machine build process. 

Forward Technology also partners with Crest Ultrasonics on custom cleaning projects, see the Precision Cleaning page for more information on this collaboration.