For increased quality assurance of welded components, Forward Technology can incorporate a leak tester into your process. Our PLC-based leak testers employ a non-destructive test to ensure the integrity of the part. Air testing detects small leaks and eliminates the need for part drying. We offer several air testing methods: pressure decay, vacuum decay, chamber decay, and occlusion testing. Our engineers will assist in analyzing your particular testing application.  Our systems combine user-friendliness with detailed data analysis and collection.

Each leak tester is custom designed around the customer's test requirements and often includes functional testing, component verification and detection, poka-yoke inspection, and a variety of part marking options.

Forward has been designing and building both standard and custom leak testers since 1977. Our experience building leak test systems allow us to design fast, accurate, and readily adaptable systems to many unique applications.  Forward Technology leak testers have multi-channel capacity, allowing simultaneous testing of multiple parts during each test cycle.  Our leak testers also have built-in capability to operate complex fixturing and perform other value-added testing/inspection during the leak testing operation.

We also offer hydraulic (H2O/Glycol Mix) liquid burst testing machines capable of generating pressures of up to 1500 PSI in a built-in safety enclosure.  Our engineers can assist in analyzing your particular leak or burst testing application.

Electronic Pressure/Vacuum Decay Leak Testers

  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay method is default
  • Can be equipped for Differential Decay, Occlusion and Chamber decay/increase testing.
  • Can test up to 8 parts at one time (8 Test Channels).
  • Can quantify leak rate in straight pressure/vacuum decay or in cc/min.
  • Complete tooling capability. All tooling fabricated at FTI.
  • PLC Based system offers almost limitless expansion capabilities

Electronic Fluid (Water) Burst Testers

  • Ramp to Burst method is default
  • Can perform user-programmed cyclic tests
  • Stores digital readout of burst pressure
  • Housed in Heavy Duty Stainless enclosure
  • Test pressures up to 1500 PSI

Air Decay Leak Testing

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