Pallet Transfer Systems

Pallet Transfer Systems are also a fundamental part of Forward Technology’s product offerings.  Systems that move product thru several processes that involve our core business technologies are our specialty.

Hot plate welding, vibration welding, spin welding, ultrasonic welding and leak testing are commonly integrated into a semi or fully automated pallet transfer system.  A compact foot print can be achieved with integration of several production operations in an efficient amount of space.  Process flow can start in molding and end at packaging with unlimited opportunities to involve a multitude of production processes with a high degree of process control and monitoring.  Contact a Forward Technology Sales Engineer to discuss your application and production requirements further.

Pallet Transfer System Technologies

•   AB Programmable Controllers
•   Wireless Communication Network
•   Part Sensing
•   Vision Verification
•   Servo Pneumatic Pick & Place
•   Minimal Foot Print
•   Robotic Part Handling
•   Hot Plate Welding,
•   Spin Welding
•   Ultrasonic Welding
•   Leak Testing
•   Function Testing
•   Interchangeable Tooling Fixtures
•   Part Marking

Key Design Features

•   Turn-Key System Development
•   Fully Interchangeable Fixtures
•   Robotic or Manual Loading
•   Servo   Pneumatic Transitions
•   Ethernet Connectivity

Key Benefits

•   Minimal Foot Print
•   Cost Effective Operation
•   High Capacity Production