For large part assembly requiring high throughput, linear vibration welding is a widely used joining technology for thermoplastic parts.

During vibration welding, one part half is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part half is frictionally vibrated against it on a linear plane at 150-250Hz under carefully controlled pressure, creating frictional heat at the joining surfaces.

Forward has been designing and building vibration welding systems since 1990. Our large upper tool weight capability makes our welders unique in their class.   Unsurpassed control is achieved through the use of eight adjustable amplitude, time (optional collapse/absolute distance) and force steps. Several standard size machines are available, each equipped with our Patented Advanced 2-Pole Digital Servo Drive, making them the most advanced and powerful welders on the market today.  A 2-year warranty on the drive head is standard on all new equipment.

Forward Technology's vibration welders are complete plastic assembly systems specifically designed to weld a variety of part sizes and geometries.  They are also compatible with many thermoplastic materials.

About Linear Vibration Welding

Producing strong, air-tight welds

2-Pole Digital Servo Drive

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Vibration welding joint design

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About Linear Vibration Welding

Linear Vibration Welding is a frictional welding technique capable of producing strong, air-tight welds in thermoplastic parts.

Some of the vibration welding advantages are:

  • Ability to weld large parts and complex shapes.
  • Fast cycle times.
  • Compatible with most thermoplastics.
  • Ability to weld several dissimilar materials.
  • No consumables, fumes or emissions.
  • Low cost, quick change tooling.

Advanced 2-Pole Digital Servo Drive Vibration System

One of our latest breakthroughs in thermoplastic welding technology.

Continuous developmental efforts to advance Vibration Welding technology have led to the new 2-Pole Digital Drive System. This patented technology allows vastly improved process control while substantially increasing the available power.

The newly designed drive was developed from many years of experience and was the next logical step to improving the maintenance-free electromagnetic vibration head.

Vibration Weld Tooling

Learn more about the advantages, standard features and options of Vibration Weld Tooling with Forward Technology:

  • Over 95% of all tooling is designed and manufactured for your application by our in-house Tooling Design and Fabrication department in Cokato, MN.
  • This in-house capability insures optimal quality and scheduling control as well as reducing time requirements in the event of product design changes. 
  • No charge/obligation complete application review and joint design assistance.
  • Full prototyping capability.
  • Precision CNC cut holding fixtures supports joint area of each part half.