Digital (Servo Drive) Linear Vibration Welder

The DLVW-2036 is a hydraulic motion controlled digital (servo-electric) drive linear vibration welder capable of welding parts up to 20" x 36" (508mm x 915mm) or multiple smaller parts.
The patented 2-pole digital (servo) drive technology allows vastly improved process control while substantially increasing the available power. This technology offers improvements in overall efficiency (significant power increase), capability (amplitude/process control), and productivity (application benefits) beyond any vibration welding design currently on the market.
  1. Operator loads part halves into holding fixture(s).
  2. Operator initiates cycle activation switches.
  3. Safety door closes.
  4. Lift table rises, applying pressure between the two part halves.
  5. Vibration begins, melting the joint area between the two halves.
  6. Vibration stops when user programmed target Time (or optional Collapse Distance or Absolute Distance) is reached.
  7. Parts are held together under pressure to allow them to re-solidify.
  8. Lift table lowers, carrying part(s) in lower fixture(s).
  9. Safety door opens.
  10. Operator unloads part(s) from lower fixture(s).