Forward Technology Launches New Dual-Axis Servo Spin Welder with High Precision and Versatility

Forward Technology, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom plastic welding equipment and testing systems, has announced the introduction of a new dual-axis servo spin welder designed for a wide range of injection molded applications requiring high rotational power and the highest degree of vertical and rotational precision. The company also announced enhancements for its industry-leading linear vibration welder for a range of large injection molded parts.

The new HD2X-OSW servo spin welder provides excellent rotational and vertical positioning, along with an industry-leading 24-in of stroke (weld height range). This large range allows for simple push-button recipe changes when switching from tall to short tools, or vice versa, without manually adjusting the head’s vertical position. The spin welder orients part halves relative to each other with rotational tolerance accuracy of
± 0.1-deg. and provides a finished vertical weld tolerance of ±0.002-in.

The industry-leading 600 lbs of press force gives process engineers plenty of head room when designing spin weld applications, including those with difficult-to-weld materials and large diameters. “The new HD2XOSW spin welder combines precision and versatility, thus making it suitable for large and small applications alike,” said Brett Raisanen, General Manager of Forward Technology.

The HD2X-OSW comes with an upgraded Allen-Bradley package which allows for robust controls and a range of opportunities for customization and automation, along with Statistical Process Control (SPC) options and other networking advantages.

When compared to other orienting or non-orienting models, the dual-servo system allows precise control of welding depth (collapse or absolute distance with an accuracy of ±0.002-in) and enables synchronization of
vertical and rotational movement to optimize the weld process. The full servo control also allows for setting a recipe adjustable load position, reducing the stroke during each cycle and saving valuable cycle time.

Forward Technology has been a designer and manufacturer of spin welders since 1993. The company offers a broad product line ranging in maximum speeds up to 16,000 rpm and available in both heavy-duty servo-electric (orientation based) and pneumatic (inertial based) models for a wide array of applications

Meanwhile, Forward Technology has upgraded its DLVW-4848-LX vibration welder with an enhanced drive for additional analytical options. The unit uses synchronized heads to provide substantial amounts of weld force and is capable of welding parts up to 48-in by 48-in or multiple smaller parts. The patented two-pole digital (servo) drive technology allows vastly improved process control while substantially increasing the available power.

The DLVW-4848-LX is particularly suited for welding of large automotive parts such as intake manifolds, instrument panels, and engine covers, along with plastic pallets for the transportation and logistics industries. In the fast-growing plastic pallet industry, the vibration welder is an effective alternative to hot plate systems, offering significant cycle time reductions. As a standard benefit with all Forward Technology equipment, these large welders can easily be integrated into automated systems for further labor reduction and increased throughput.

Forward Technology offers the DLVW-4848-LX in its laboratory for quick turnaround welding services for customers who are undertaking prototyping and concept testing. The company utilizes its inventory of existing prototype tooling to reduce both cost and lead times for prototype applications.

Forward Technology, a company of the Crest Group, designs and manufactures one of the broadest portfolios of standard and customized plastic assembly and testing systems specifically targeted for thermoplastics. The product line includes systems for hot plate welding, vibration welding, infrared welding, spin welding, and ultrasonic welding as well as systems for burst testing and custom leak testing. By combining knowledge, service, and support throughout the Crest Global Plastics group, member companies provide world-class products with local service and support.