Horizontal Three Battery Air/Pneumatic Hot Plate Welder

The B3A-1148 is a horizontal heat platen orientation, pneumatic motion controlled hot plate welding system specifically designed for welding: three Standard Group size batteries 9" D x 14" W x 12" H (228mm x 355mm x 305mm) or smaller per welding cycle; OR two Commercial Group size batteries 9" D x 20" W x 12" H (228mm x 508mm x 305mm) or smaller per cycle.
This horizontal systems single motion (upper) tool mounting jaw makes possible automatic feed of the battery components into the equipment for welding and automatic out-feeding of the welded batteries via the system's built-in conveyor system.
The system design is ideal for welding: Battery covers to cases. Battery manifold covers to case covers.
  1. Pre-assembled un-welded battery covers & cases move down customers assembly line conveyor to the in-feed diverter section of the welders feed-thru conveyor.
  2. Un-welded battery assemblies are detected via a part presence sensor on the conveyor and are held against a mechanical stop within the in-feed diverter section of the conveyor prior to entry into welding positions.
  3. When already welded batteries have exited the welding area, the diverter assembly indexes one un-welded battery assembly at a time past the mechanical stop to allow passage of battery down the conveyor to the welding position.
  4. As battery assemblies move toward the welding area, part presence sensors on the conveyor detect their presence and pneumatically actuated stop blocks hold batteries in the correct position.
  5. When all batteries have entered the welding area and are detected in correct location by part presence sensors, a pneumatically actuated locator rail bar extends outward to position batteries against an opposing fixed rear rail, squaring them in preparation for welding.
  6. Conveyor motion stops and welding cycle starts automatically.
  7. Upper holding fixtures descend downward to pick-up battery covers which are automatically held with vacuum and mechanical grippers. Vacuum Sensors verify a cover was picked-up.
  8. Upper holding fixtures retract upward with upper battery covers.
  9. Heat platen advances forward between battery covers and cases.
  10. Heat platen descends and contacts lower battery cases.
  11. Upper holding fixtures apply upper battery covers to heat platen.
  12. Upper holding fixtures retract from heat platen.
  13. Heat platen rises from lower battery cases and retracts rearward.
  14. Upper holding fixtures apply upper battery covers & lower battery cases, welding batteries together.
  15. Upper holding fixtures release clamping mechanisms.
  16. Upper holding fixtures retract and welded batteries remain atop feed-thru conveyor.
  17. Pneumatic locator rail and conveyor stop blocks retract and conveyor motion starts.
  18. Welded batteries are indexed out of machine via feed-thru conveyor.