Horizontal Hydraulic & Servo Hot Plate Pallet Welder

The HHS-5062 is a horizontal heat platen orientation, hydraulic and servo-electric motion controlled hot plate welding system specifically designed for welding plastic pallets up to 50" x 62" (1270mm x 1575mm). Customized variants of this model are available.
The system design is ideal for welding: Pallet top decks to bases. Pallet feet to bases. Pallet sidewall assemblies.
  1. Operator loads part halves together into holding fixture.
  2. Operator initiates cycle activation switches.
  3. Powered Lower Tool Carriage indexes into machine.
  4. Upper tool mounting jaw descends and picks up upper part half and retracts.
  5. Part halves are automatically held with vacuum or mechanical grippers.
  6. Heat platen advances between part halves.
  7. Holding fixtures apply part halves to heat platen.
  8. Holding fixtures retract from heat platen.
  9. Heat platen retracts.
  10. Holding fixtures apply part halves together, welding parts together.
  11. Upper holding fixture releases its clamping mechanism.
  12. Holding fixtures open, retaining welded part(s) in lower fixture.
  13. Powered Lower Tool Carriage indexes out of machine.
  14. Operator unloads welded part(s).