Vertical Hydraulic Infrared Welder

The VHIR-1015 is a vertical infrared platen orientation, hydraulic motion controlled infrared welding system capable of welding parts up to 10" x 15" (254mm x 381mm) or multiple smaller parts. Customized variants of this model are available.
When compared to horizontal platen systems, vertical systems typically: Reduce risk of molten material possibly dripping onto the infrared platen during the melt step (resulting in premature emitter failure). Allow faster tooling changeovers. Allow easier and more positive operator loading and unloading of the tooling. Ensure more precise part half alignment during welding (less scrap) as no special part-part alignment features must be designed into the parts themselves (required for accurate machine pick-up of one part half on horizontal systems).
  1. Operator loads part halves into holding fixtures.
  2. Operator closes safety door.
  3. Safety door locks.
  4. Part halves are automatically held with vacuum or mechanical grippers.
  5. Infrared platen advances between part halves.
  6. Holding fixtures close to make contact with precise mechanical hard-stops on the infrared platen which maintain spacing between the parts and the infrared platen without actual contact.
  7. Infrared platen energizes, heating joint areas of part halves.
  8. Infrared platen de-energizes and holding fixtures retract away from infrared platen.
  9. Infrared platen retracts.
  10. Holding fixtures apply part halves together, welding parts together.
  11. One holding fixture releases its clamping mechanism.
  12. Holding fixtures open, retaining welded part(s) in one fixture.
  13. Safety door unlocks.
  14. Operator opens safety door.
  15. Operator unloads welded part(s).