High Speed Orientation (Servo Motor) Spin Welder

The HS-OSW is a high speed pneumatic motion controlled orientation (servo motor) spin welder designed for smaller diameter, more difficult spin welding applications requiring delivery of high rotational speed while maintaining the highest degree of precision.
This servo-drive spin welder is capable of orienting part halves relative to each other with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees. Exact start (home) and stop (final orientation) points can be programmed and precisely controlled.
When compared to non-orientation models, orientation (servo motor) systems typically: Permit precise orientation/alignment of part halves relative to one another. Allow precise depth welding (collapse distance or absolute distance) when orientation is not required. Enable welding of smaller parts with more difficult to weld materials. Are much easier to automate as the driver rotational position may be precisely programmed between welding cycles, allowing easier loading of the upper part half into the driver.
  1. Operator loads part halves into holding fixture and driver.
  2. Operator initiates both cycle activation switches.
  3. Actuator moves driver & rotating part half (typically without rotation) into contact with the stationary fixtured part half.
  4. Operator is permitted to release cycle activation switches after part to part contact is made.
  5. Servo motor spins parts at user-programmed RPM for the number of user-programmed revolutions (or user-programmed: time, collapse distance, or absolute distance) and terminates rotation when desired weld criteria is reached.
  6. Welded parts cool under pressure.
  7. Actuator retracts to home position and servo slowly rotates to user-programmed home position.
  8. Operator removes welded part from fixture.