Spin Weld Tooling

Driver: Custom-made tool used to "spin" the part and generate the weld. Drivers commonly use raised or relieved surfaces to engage raised or relieved drive features on the spinning part half. Tapered silicone drivers can also be used on parts that do not have risen or relieved drive features.

Holding Fixture: The non-rotating part half must be held securely so that one part half does not rotate and remains in alignment with the spinning part half. Part details such as protrusions and lugs/ribs on the outside of the part aid greatly in preventing rotation.

Standard Spin Tooling:

  • Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Urethane, or Delrin tooling components.
  • Lightweight Aluminum backing plate on base fixtures.
  • Custom base fixture slides for support, part retention, part alignment and part detection

Advantages of Forward Technology Spin Tooling:

  • Over 95% of all tooling is designed and manufactured for your application by our in-house Tooling Design and Fabrication department in Cokato, MN.
  • This in-house capability insures optimal quality and scheduling control as well as reducing time requirements in the event of product design changes. 
  • No charge/obligation complete application review and joint design assistance.
  • Full prototyping capability.
  • All tools are designed for ease of maintenance, adjustment, and maximum life.
  • Tools provide support and location of joint area as well as accurate alignment throughout the welding process.
  • Virtually every tool is thoroughly tested and debugged at our facility on equipment in our laboratory.
  • Full start-up service/support at your facility is available.

CNC Machined Spin Tooling:

  • Precision CNC cut driver and fixture supports joint area of each part half.

Cast Silicone Spin Tooling:

  • Used when drive features are not available/necessary on the upper and/or lower part half.
  • Driver and/or holding fixture is often a ¼” to 3/8” or similar CNC-machined aluminum translation of the actual part based on CAD data.
  • Typically a 10° taper engages either outside or inside diameter of part for gripping of the part during the spin process.
  • 40-60 Durometer Silicone skin is applied to the contour of the driver.
  • Silicone skin both acts as a gripping surface and protects the parts surface from marking.

Spin Tooling Options:

  • Part Presence Sensors verify part presence/position prior to allowing machine to cycle.
  • Part Eject eases removal of welded parts from tooling.